Nafpaktos is a beautiful historic and picturesque town situated 216 km from Athens.

It is built on two hills and the sea the rain with one side, while the other rests in the Peloponnese, giving the little one this city an unusual elegance and beauty.

Visitors to large Venetian castle on the hilltop is one of the most beautiful in the country. The small round port city with its Venetian towers looks like a painting. Perfect for holidays throughout the year.

Beautiful landscapes that combine mountain and sea will be unforgettable and will bring back your back.

Escape to Nafpaktos which offers unforgettable moments with your dear friends and friends with many options for hobbies.

The Rio – Antirio joined the beautiful Nafpaktos to the third largest city, Patras. The day of your visit to our city unforgettable. We are waiting for you!